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These short courses are suitable for:

  • International students

  • Domestic learners

  • School graduates

  • Career changing

  • Getting ready for jobs

  • Keeping upto date skills

  • Increasing confidence forStart-up business owners

Computer Applications


Entry Requirements

  • No Pre-requisite for enrolling in this course.

  • No prior computer experience is necessary.

Woman on Her Computer

Course Details

  • Basic knowledge on personal computers.

  • Introduction to Microsoft skills.

  • Basic knowledge on internet access.

  • Basic knowledge on email

  • Basic knowledge on social media including Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube etc.

$ 299 only for 12 classes

Computer Applications


Entry Requirements

  • Basic knowledge about computer

Male Student_edited.jpg

Course Details

  • Microsoft Office - formats, compatibility and extensions.

  • Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher and Access.

  • Basic calculations in Excel using formulas.

  • Using images, table, chart and graphs in Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents.

  • Document safety and security.

$ 399 only for 12 classes

Computer Applications


Entry Requirements

  • Prior knowledge of computer and working experience in Microsoft Office

Designers Looking at the Computer

Course Details

  • Protecting the cells and worksheet in MS Excel.

  • Excel tables with structured format, pivot tables and slicers.

  • Conditional formatting in Excel

  • Using templates in MS Word.

  • Word data management in the tables.

  • Merging files in the current word document.

  • Overview of basic macros in MS Office.

  • Using animation in Powerpoint

  • Using graphics in Powerpoint

  • Understanding Slidemasters, Media files in Powerpoint.

  • Creating efficient forms and reports.

  • Basic knowledge on web designing.

$ 499 only for 12 classes

Office Administration

Entry Requirements

  • Ability to speak in simple English Language 

  • No prior experience necessary

Office service

Course Details

  • Introduction to Office Receptionist skills

  • Powerful presentation skills

  • Effective body language used in office atmosphere

  • Proffesional way of attending phone calls

  • Using basic computer skills in the office administration

  • Time management and multi-task skill

  • Writing business documents

  • Professional way of communication

  • Document labelling and filing

  • Writing Agenda, taking Minutes of Meeting and conducting Meetings.

  • Outlook calendar and sending digital meeting invitations.

  • Using Zoom, Skype, Google Meeting portals in office atmosphere

$ 559 only for 12 classes

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